Unity UI Test

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Experimenting with UI animation in my first Unity project.











Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 23.24.10

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    1. Thanks! This part was relatively easy to throw together, what’s giving me trouble at the moment is implementing a search bar – imagine a cross between the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Her Story, and that’s more or less the core of what I’m aiming for.

      I started this for practice before breaking ground on the grimoire game we talked about, but in hindsight this is actually way more complex to pull off!

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      1. Confidentially, neither did I! Start at 2D, it’s much easier to get acquainted with. Better yet, just download the Fungus plugin and watch their YouTube tutorials, it’s basically super-powered Twine with even less coding. It doesn’t have clickable text for some reason, which is a major bummer – but depending on the project it’s not necessarily a deal breaker.


      2. The main thing holding me back has been that the Unity Editor for Linux is pretty unstable: Roll a Ball was fine but when I moved onto the Space Shooter tutorial setting up the lighting would reliably crash. It’s definitely been updated since then, though, so it’s possible it’ll run much smoother.

        I’m glad to hear that 2D is the better one to get to grips with. I’d definitely have an easier time coming up with assets for that, but 3D games seem to be more common.


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