Beacon – Light Grey Art Lab

This is a piece I did for Light Grey Art Lab's charity gallery event, Small Art for a Big Cause. All proceeds donated to the Wilderness Society.


Celebrating Ridley's inclusion in Smash Ultimate! A shirt design that went to print for, who you might know as long-running sponsors of AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick)

Vivi pin

A pin I made inspired by Vivi, from my favourite videogame, Final Fantasy IX! Available at

Bloodborne Pin

A small gold pin I made inspired by the videogame Bloodborne - for fun I also photoshopped together a fake item description, with some lore regarding the badge's function. Available at

Icons for locations in Project Caerus. I wanted to hand-draw them in order to help communicate the atmosphere of the game through its interface. The styling is inspired by woodcut illustrations, though it is also simplified and cleaned up to aid recognition at a glance. The arrangement of black and white is significantly different in... Continue Reading →

Click for video! Experimenting with UI animation in my first Unity project.                    

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